The creation of Memory of rape in wartimes memorial is preceded and accompanied by a number of events. Within the frames of the project, we plan a workshop to be held in Hungarian on the history of rape in wartimes and on the history of public space, monuments and memorials as well as visual representation of rape and women in art. This would be followed by an international workshop and scholarly conference to be held in English, a small and a large exhibition related to the memorial contest.


Nők és a háború

Femspace szalon Bécsben 2022. április 25-én a bécsi Collegium Hungaricumban pódiumbeszélgetésen szakértők beszéltek a nők ellen – nem csak háborús időkben – elkövetett erőszakról. Az



Sanja Iveković

Workshop, multimedia installation, media work

1998 – work in progress

Women's House Project workshop BAK, Utrecht 2009 -048


The Women's House project started in 1998. Conceived by artist Sanja Iveković it is an international collaboration project realized as site specific installations and printed materials (texts, postcards, posters, etc). On occasions the project is also presented to the public through press conferences and video screenings.

The first phase of the project consists of establishing a contact with the local shelter for abused women where artist conducts a workshop in close collaboration with the women living in the shelter. During the workshop casts of the faces of the women are produced along with short life stories written by the woman themselves. The women's «masks» and texts are then installed according to the artist's concept of the installation in a specific exhibition space.

Women's House, Workshop, BAK, Utrecht,2008
Women's House, installation, Kunstverein Cologne,2006_lowres

So far the collaboration has been made with The Autonomous House in Zagreb, The Fraenhaus in Luxembourg, The Bangkok Emergency Home in Bangkok, Safe House in Peje, Kosova, Casa per le donne in Genova, The Center for Women and Children in Belgrade, Vie-Ja in Utrecht and Mor Cati in Istanbul.